Isolated Protein shakes - Healthy or Harmful ???

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Isolated Protein shakes - Healthy or Harmful ???

Post by Admin on Fri 27 Jun 2014 - 17:36

After my every nutrition workshop when the scientific backed evidence of  T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies is presented that excess animal protein consumption may be the cause of promotion and proliferation of various diseases and even cancer the same question always springs up from the public....
But what about isolated protein shakes for workouts and training sessions?

Well the long term results may not be healthy but harmful too. Concentrated, isolated proteins powders would also increase IGF-1 hormone levels known to be unfavorable. Is it not be better to provide proteins for the muscles from plants and vegetables which are rich in all other micro nutrients at the same time? And animal proteins being acidic in nature may weaken our bones.

Usually the reply from the popular whey (animal) protein shake lovers is but my trainer said it is very good for health and is necessary for body builders and athletes?

Well now who is right? How to overcome this dilemma? There must be some way to know the truth and we should know as it concerns our health.

Actually there are many scientific researched original pier reviewed articles published in respected medical journals. And the scientist are accountable for their findings. So we need to know where is the information coming from? Is my trainer a scientist? Is my doctor a scientist? Are the authors of articles in the glossy health magazines and websites scientists? If not, then sorry I would not follow their recommendations.

I am not a scientist but I learnt to always check the source of the information and then make decisions concerning my health.

Below are some interesting eye opening articles
Anil Grover

Dr. Fuhrman - Get pumped with plant protein naturally

T. Colin Campbell, Center for Nutrition Studies
Harmful effects of animal proteins on health.

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