Top Athletic performance with Whole Plant based foods

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Top Athletic performance with Whole Plant based foods

Post by Admin on Sun 22 Jun 2014 - 11:25

Meat and dairy are considered optimum foods for athletic performance. Animal proteins are generally considered a must. Yes, the bio-availability of proteins from them are good but they also come with a price tag…that is meat and dairy are high in cholesterol, hormone IGF-1 found to promote various chronic diseases, zero fiber, less micro nutrients and acidic in nature robbing the body of essential minerals.
In fact does physical endurance not need more sustained energy from alkaline sources? Are complex carbohydrates full of all micro and phytonutrients not the optimal source?
To question the age old myth of connection between protein (mainly derived from animals) and athletic performance let us learn from the nutrition patterns of top world class athletes who are excelling in their various athletic disciplines.
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