CANCER – Do Mammograms and screenings tests for cancer really help?

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CANCER – Do Mammograms and screenings tests for cancer really help?

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CANCER – Do Mammograms and screenings tests for cancer really help? 

From the extract below which I learnt and presented during my studies for the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, from eCornell University and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Ithaca, NY 14850, it is rather evident that mammograms for breast cancer or various screening tests for other cancers reveal the dreaded disease to us at a very late stage. Even simple BSE (breast self examination) to reveal a tumor is already too late. After going through the extract below simple common sense would say should our doctor not point out to us the importance of nutrition for our day to day living, or at the very least, God forbid if we are diagnosed at least then to guide us with nutrition. Who knows perhaps they do not have the time for it, or do not want to, or just do not know about it. So we are left with no choice but to educate ourselves about it. 
If the extract below is boring for you please jump down to the references and video clips of few doctors and patients who profess and believe in nutrition after years of research and personal experiences with patients.
“It is generally believed chemical pollutants from environment usually more than 100,000 are the carcinogens that cause cancer. Carcinogens can be chemical pollutants or a virus like the hepatitis B virus HBV causing liver cancer. The virus attaches its own DNA with the DNA of a healthy cell and mutates it.
The are 3 stages of cancer development: 
Initiation - which takes place in minutes to hours. Consumed carcinogen chemicals like for example aflatoxin from molds in peanuts are metabolized by the enzyme multi-function oxidase - MFO (flavoproteins), to be detoxified and excreted in urine by the kidney. In this metabolic pathway few of the metabolites like epoxide are highly reactive and can in milliseconds adduct to genes (DNA) as covalent and damage the healthy cells. This is mutation. If this damaged cells replicate cancer is initiated and is irreversible.
Promotion – this stage can take years to decades. If nutrition is incorrect and body environment is weak these mutated cells can keep cloning themselves into small clusters called foci which are only visible under a microscope and this stage too is irreversible. Correct nutrition can take care of these mutated cells and get rid of them.
Progression - it happens in years. When foci grow bigger they are called tumors which are detected for example in breast by mammography and further confirmed if malignant by biopsy and diagnosed as cancer. Tumors may stay at their primary source or may invade near or far away tissues which is known as metastasis. They can become very malignant, means very independent, aggressive on their growth and resistant to their own destruction.
From the very beginning for cancer the focus started and remained on carcinogens but the effect of nutrition on cancer initiation, promotion and development remained ignored. The American government tried to run tests on all the pollutants but that was impossible so the Delany Amendment of 1958 was de-commissioned. But still however no importance was given to nutrition and its effect on cancer.
From the China project research by Dr. T. Colin Campbell it was very evident that animal protein in excess of 10% of our daily calories intake promoted cancer growth and when animal protein intake like for examplecasein from cow’s milk (which has 87% of casein from the proteins) was reduced to 5 % the cancer tumors started shrinking. Laboratory rats who were fed more than 10% died and who were fed less or 5% survived. But when these carcinogenic induced rats were fed with plant proteins from soya the tumors did not grow in size.  
Further lab tests revealed that in initiation stage the moment more animal protein was fed the enzyme MFO activity was increased substantially.
In Promotion stage, our body’s natural killer NK cells activity was decreased, cloning of mutated cells was increased, oxidant activity increased, insulin like growth factor enzyme IGF-2’s activity was increased and cell respiration or cell energy was altered in the mitochondria.
So it was evident from these lab tests that nutrition controlled the expression of genes and also the detoxification of these carcinogens. Natural whole plant based foods in the correct ratio of 80/10/10 that is carbs, proteins and fats not only stopped the growth of cancer cells but even regressed the tumors. Correct nutrition was of more importance than the carcinogens in initiating and promoting cancer.

Various studies revealed that cancer had direct connection in relation to nutrition. Populations consuming more animal fats, animal proteins and refined/processed carbohydrates developed more cancer. More complex carbohydrates and fiber foods consumption resulted in less cancer cases.
It's your health, respect it. Take out time to understand nutrition and to eat correct!"

Anil Grover

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